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My name is Roline van der Merwe and I am the owner of Delightful Cake. I have the wonderful privilege to be married to my best friend and fulltime mother to 7 precious children.

I am part time baking from home with skills I have honed over the last 20 years.

I mostly specialize in wedding cakes. I also do birthday and special event cakes as well as confectionary for your event whether big or small.

A new opportunity has arisen in the form of training aspiring and seasoned bakers. Connect with us on facebook or through our newsletter to receive the latest information on available classes and dates.

More baking background

I found myself in the kitchen from a very young age. Baking was my foremost delight. Under the watchful eye of my mom I could learn much. I first entered the arena of catering by baking for restaurants and catering for private functions. I moved on to hotel cooking but didn’t find much fulfillment there. I got a very promising job at that time as chef on the Desert Express. At the same time I also became engaged to be married to a wonderful husband and a travelling career lost its attraction.

my first topsy turvy

I became a stay-at-home mom that found all her fulfillment in the duties of home and bringing up children. At first we lived in a rural setting and only my family and nearby friends enjoyed my baking. Moving to Windhoek 2004 I soon found myself baking again for a home-industry shop but was not successful. For some weird reason my cakes flopped one after the other. I had to stop due to not being able to produce a good quality product. I never stopped experimenting though. My family endured my training. I grew up in Swakopmund and couldn’t understand my sunken cakes. By in-depth study I could adapt my trusted recipes and get the same success I was used to at the coast. Going through such a school of failure I found much blessing being a more “experienced baker”; maybe not by the conventional mode of study but I definitely got my masters in perseverance.

I continued baking for my growing family. Some had their favourite favourites; other younger member continued pushing my skill level to new heights. I found myself dumped into the unknown arena of fondant when my sister turned sixteen and wanted a topsy turvy 3 tier cake covered in fondant with decorations. After a stressful week and endless YouTube videos it was accomplished. Not perfect but I was able to cover most dents and she was delighted. The children’s birthday cakes became even more elaborate and even some friends got some practice cakes. I soon got my first wedding cake order and something happened there that made orders start rolling in.

5 Years later I am still enjoying many new challenges and the changing seasons of cake designs, though I prefer the old school and vintage cakes. Gumpaste flowers remains in vogue and are a favourite of mine as well as intricate piping. I also enjoying replicating realistic animal reliefs for signature African designs.