Q: How long ahead of time should I book my special event Custom Cake?

A:As long as possible. The most organized bride is going to pick up the best venues, caterers, bakers, florists, photographers first. We at Delightful Cake take only a limited number of orders a week. This means we can do 1 wedding a weekend, sometimes two if the cakes are not too big and the work not too intensive. The early bird is going to catch the worm.

Q: Do you provide cake consultations and cake tastings? What do you charge?

A:Yes, we do provide both. Cake consultations are free of charge. We can discuss your style, size, preferences, and budget to create your perfect wedding cake. Cake tastings are not free of charge and are limited to 5 different filling flavours and cake flavours of your choice. The charge includes 2 people. Additional tasters will mean additional costs. If you book you cake with us, your fee (for 2 people) will be deducted from your final price. Pleace contact us for available dates.

Q: When will be a suitable time to meet with you?

A:I am available in the afternoons of Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. You can come in your lunch hour from 1 until 5:30.

Q: What do your cakes cost? Do you have different fees for wedding cakes?

A:Each custom cake is priced on an individual basis. Whether your cake will be served at a wedding or at a birthday party or a graduation celebration we use the same base price to work out your required price.

Q: Do you do free quotations?

A:Yes, we do. Please fill out our comprehensive, online quotation request and I will get back to within 2-3 days with a quote. The more detail you add the less I need to guess.

Q: Are you able to duplicate a cake design if I just show you a picture?

A:Yes, we can. Take in account that most times the pictures you see on the web or in magazines are from American, Australian or British cake designers and they have facilities and products not readily available locally. But with a little effort we can order from overseas most anything that is available there. Do take in consideration that shipping costs money and takes time so come prepared with your request. We delight not to only meet our customers' expectations but exceed them.Also consider that all our cakes are handmade and will only be an artistic representation, and not a perfect duplicate, of your included picture.

Q: Do you deliver? Where?

A:Yes, we do. At the moment we only deliver inside of Windhoek. Many brides though have successfully taken their cakes way up north for their weddings. For this a fruit cake is the best option as it will not spoil readily and can be ready weeks before your due day. Still the risk is yours and should anything go wrong Delightful Cake will not be held responsible.

Q: Do you require a deposit? Is it refundable?

A:Yes, we do require a 50% deposit to book your date. It will only be fully refundable in case of death or severe sickness of the customer.

Q: Do you have a cancellation policy?

A:If you want to cancel after deposit has been paid only 50% will be refunded. Our cakes and other food products are made to order and personalized to your specifications; orders cannot be cancelled once the cake has been made. Cancellations in the last week will cause no refund of your deposit except in the case of death or severe illness.

By us: Delightful Cake will do its utmost to make sure that all orders are fulfilled for the date specified. Should any events outside our control prevent this, we will contact you by e-mail and arrange an alternative. If we are unable to fulfill your order we will notify you by e-mail and a refund for all monies already paid will be made as soon as possible but in any event within 30 days of your order.

Q: Can you do sugar flowers and figurines? What do they cost?

A:Yes, we do. Again each one is priced according to the detail required. A fondant topper of medium size start at N$ 250.00 and a medium sized rose start at N$ 40. Simple blossoms are added at a very low fee if you have booked a custom cake which requires large blooms as in this example.

Q: Do you do cartoon character cakes and figurines?

A:We do not reproduce any branded cartoon characters, neither in cake form nor in figurine form, that is know from TV or books. We do however make cakes and figurines that can look somewhat like real people, animals, vehicles, etc. in a cartoon-like fashion. If still unsure, please feel free to inquire from us.

Q: Do you rent out cake stands?

A:We are always in the process of acquiring more cake accessories as our customers require them. Feel free to ask if you would like something specific that we could order and make available for rent to you.

Q: Do you provide other services?

A:Yes, we bake a variety of dessert cakes, individual mini cakes, decorated cookies, cupcakes, muffins, puddings, tarts, quiches and savoury tarts, both individual and large. View our online shop to place your order. Or email us for further details.